Buckshot Fire Pit


With our Buckshot Fire Pit, modern meets functionality for an expertly designed piece that won’t disappoint. This appealing design allows you to use the handcrafted furniture as a table when you’re not cozied up next to your fire. With more options, this will be the go-to spot in your backyard for all to enjoy.

Buckshot Fire Pit features include:

  • Made from real concrete, for a long-lasting design that can withstand the elements for years to come
  • Using a lightweight concrete mix, these can be moved if needed with the help of two or more extra hands
  • Fully sealed and made to withstand outdoor weather. UV stable and cold weather resistant
  • Includes high output CROSSfire burner system which produces a larger and more authentic looking flame. Also composed of all brass to withstand harsh environments like salty air. CSA Certified
  • Board-formed texture
  • Product shown in RAW finish

We offer fully custom projects and love a challenge, feel free to contact us with any project you have in mind

Additional Accessories

Teak Fire Pit Cover

Aluminum Fire Pit Cover

Glass Wind Guard



Spec sheet

Operating instructions

Care and Maintenance



CROSSFIRE All Brass Burners

Unlike other burners made from stainless steel, brass is corrosion resistant and will not rust, which eliminates the need for replacement. Our burners carry a lifetime warranty on all brass products!

Twice The Flame

The patent-pending technology behind the CROSSFIRE Brass Burner uses a specific air-to-gas ratio at the point of combustion to produce a taller, brighter, fuller flame that resembles a natural, wood burning fire. Venturi Jet Technology generates high velocity gas flow and pulls more oxygen into the jet chamber – feeding the combination into the flame at the point of combustion. This causes the gas and oxygen mixture to shoot out of the jet at a high velocity as a super-charged flame, like water out of a fire hose.