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Tell me a little about concrete countertops

Concrete is not for everybody. It takes care and an understanding of the product. Although technically a hand crafted product concrete acts and looks very much like a natural stone. Like stone as concrete ages it will change colors can deepen and intensify and a patina will develop. It can be integrally colored throughout or surface stained only to develop a more mottled look. The finish sheen can vary from matte to polished. The surface feel can vary from smooth to textured. You can polish the surface to expose fine sand or larger aggregate like rock, glass, and many other possibilities. We are constantly coming up with or being asked to try new things with concrete, so If you have an idea in your head just ask us and most of the time we can do it!

Are there different colors to choose from, and what is the finish like?

We provide several standard colors and finish that we have found to be most popular with our clients. The finish is a satin sheen and is similar to honed limestone/ However, custom colors and finishes can be achieved upon request.

Will my countertop have seams?

Joints are incorporated depending on the overall size of the countertop. If a joint is needed it will be carefully considered and contribute to the overall look of the finished product.

Can I cut on my countertop?

We do not recommend cutting directly on the concrete we recommend always using a cutting board. Although it may not noticeably damage the countertop it may scratch the sealer leaving an entry point for oils and stains.

Will my countertop crack or chip?

With new mix designs and the high strength concrete it is not likely to have cracking however concrete can crack. If cracking does take place it is most likely hairline and can happen upon transport, settling after installation or most commonly from natural shrinkage of the material. Hairline cracks are non structural and can sometimes even be filled and will disappear. Chipping can occur when an object such as a heavy pot or pan hits the surface of the concrete. A chip can be assessed by a professional and often fixed with colored cement or epoxy to match the concrete. Often times while finishing the concrete in the shop these are the same products used to fill the natural voids that occur in the casting process.

Is my countertop reinforced?

All of our countertops are reinforced. We prefer to use fiberglass as a reinforcement in both chopped and sheet form. The placing of the fiberglass is very important in the casting process. When used correctly fiberglass is much stronger than any metal reinforcement such as rebar or wire mesh.

Can I put hot pots or pans on concrete?

We donʼt recommend putting hot items concrete. Although concrete itself is heat resistant. Sealers and waxes are often not. We recommend using a hot plate or trivet instead.

Is concrete heavy? Will my cabinets be able to handle it?

Our concrete is lightweight concrete. It is actually lighter than granite! Concrete countertops are roughly 12.5 lbs per sq ft. Most cabinets are more than capable of handling a concrete countertop.

Will my concrete countertop stain?

This question is very tricky and probably gets asked the most. We call mustard on a white shirt a stain. However, concrete like copper, zinc or a wood butcher block will develop a patina over time. That is why we love those materials. We could use a plastic looking coating on our countertops and they would resist just about everything, but look terrible. We are not trying to make concrete something it is not. Concrete is porous, it will patina and will look beautiful with years of use. Oils, red wine, acidic foods and heavy water saturated areas can darken or etch. We use the top of the line sealers and concrete admixtures to ensure our countertops are as best sealed as a concrete countertop can be. If you want a concrete countertop and have educated yourself we know you will love them.

How do I clean a concrete countertop?

There are many cleaners on the market that won’t harm your concrete countertop. We have tried a lot of them and found most cleaners that are ok for natural stone and are pH neutral are ok for concrete.