California Living: 3 Reasons Why Fire Pits Are Hot

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Although fire pits have been popular in California for more than a decade, it’s very possible to take a fresh approach to this old trend. Read on to find out why this trend remains hot.

  1. Increased Outdoor Space: When you put your fire pit at the edge or outside of your patio, it creates two separate outdoor spaces. That enables you to make the most of your yard. More over, if you place your fire pit correctly, you can enjoy viewing it from the inside as well!
  2. New Materials: Gone are the days of everyone in the neighborhood having the same fire pit. Concrete Wave Design can create a custom Buckshot fire pit for you. We’ll integrate a completely unique fireplace into your existing yard, making sure that it matches the architecture of your home and yard perfectly.
  3. New Sources of Energy: A fire pit allows you to look beyond wood for flames. With our Bedford concrete fire pit you can use natural gas or propane for your fuel. These fuel sources enable you to get your fire pit up and running immediately – no kindling required!

P.S. To create the perfect outdoor space, consider pairing your concrete fire pit with some unique outdoor furniture. Set a spell in our unique Rise Bench, a concrete and wood garden bench. Experience the ultimate in relaxation when you gaze at your concrete fire pit from this bench.

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